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We say YES,

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Term Loan

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is a business loan alternative based on the future sales revenue of a business. The business owner and funder agree to a percentage of the future sales revenue to be repaid over an estimated time period. The repayment schedule of an MCA is contingent upon the future sales figures generated, meaning that it can be paid back early or after the estimated date if more or less revenue comes in than expected. This means that businesses have flexibility when they receive an MCA from a funder, differentiating this type of business financing from a traditional loan. This type of business financing is ideal for small business owners to finance expansion, purchase inventory, or invest in marketing.

Term Loan

A Term Loan, also known as a traditional business loan, is a lump sum of money that a borrower receives from a lender, which must be paid back at a scheduled interval with interest. A business loan is typically untied from a particular asset or revenue stream, meaning that it can be used for any purpose related to the borrower’s overall objectives and goals. The repayment schedule of a Term Loan generally does not depend on future sales figures. Instead, it is based on a plan agreed upon by both the borrower and lender, which typically results in equal payments with interest.

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